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Smiles 4 Diabetics - Fundraising Events

Thank you for all of your support. Our upcoming events are listed on the right, if you have any questions, please contact us on this site, or via Facebook.

Smiles 4 Diabetics is a new organization in Bakersfield CA. Its goal is to provide recreation, support, and education to people with diabetes. The Mission Statement for the new non profit is:

To provide and offer support, educational and recreational activities for children and adults who have diabetes that promote diabetes management skills to gain independence, support and a positive attitude for controlling their diabetes.


  • To provide day camps for children and families who have diabetes.
  • To offer overnight programming for children, families and adults who have diabetes.
  • To bring in guest speakers to talk about diabetes and diabetes related products
  • To provide a resource for people with diabetes including books, educational materials, scholarship information, diabetes camp information and insurance information.
  • To offer a place of support for adults and children with diabetes
  • To provide educational and family events where all people can learn more about diabetes.
  • To offer educational seminars and events for young adults and adults with diabetes.

Looking to Volunteer?

We have lots of opportunities to get involved. We will need help at various events and activities throughout the year.

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Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday November 12 -  Rollerrama West Night
    $6 includes skates from 6:30-8:30. For people with diabetes and there families.
  • Thursday November 20th - Jersery Mikes Fundraiser
    3:00-8:00pm Stockdale hwy. 20% of the proceeds will go back toward Smiles 4 Diabetics if our name is mentioned. Our goal is to raise $500.
  • Monday November 17 - Board meeting Kaplan College 6:30pm,
  • Dec 7th - Dewars Candy Presale
    $15 12oz box and $18.00 sugar free. Presale last until dec 7th and all candy will be delivered the following week.
    Contact us for more information

Donate Now

You can mail a check, find us at one of the events happening above, or check back soon for online donations.